A POS extension for Toast, Clover, Aloha, Micros that reduces financial risks and drives loyalty for bars & restaurants.

Get your POS extension today and team up with our experts

Reinforce your know-how with our expertise in data science, and supercharge your POS with the SIP extension. Whether you are using Toast, Clover, Aloha, or Micros, you are covered!

SipScience POS extension benefit 1

Increase foot traffic, loyalty

Use SIP to tap into a pool of high value customers: 20% of adults consume 91% of alcohol. We hyper target these customers.

SipScience POS extension benefit 2

Get better insights on your customers

Get insights to reduce your costs and increase profit. The SIP extension gives you real-time on your target demographics. You get monthly reports with actionable insights.

SipScience POS extension benefit 3

Reduce financial risks and alleviate costs

With our state of the art technology, we not only protect you against chargebacks, but also reduce the financial burden of credit cards fees.

The results are in, bars LOVE our POS extension

Beta Test confirms the success of SIP’s works for bars and restaurants.

Our Beta Test in New York City proves that bars and bar-goers alike are thrilled with the value offered by SIP. Not only have participating venues seen increased traffic from SIP subscribers, they have also seen higher check sizes, tips, and loyalty.

How can the SIP extension help you run your business better? Check out our white paper or schedule a call with us today.

Our Services

Our POS extension can be used virtually by any bar or restaurant nationwide

SipScience has regulatory approval to serve clients in 33 States. This unique position allows us to give you never-before-seen insights on your customers, and take action to keep them coming back for more.”

What are your most valuable demographic targets? How do you develop loyalty with these customers?

Loyalty is a journey, how do you stay creative and keep your loyal customers engaged? Our data will uncover everything.

Regular events? Learn how to amplify them and make them more profitable.

Stay at the top of your game and protect your business. SIP covers chargebacks and credit cards fees.


SipScience leverages existing and proven technology to connect and enhance the most commonly used POS systems. When Aloha and Micros show their limitations, Omnivore.io lets us connect POS systems directly to the SIP app and lets venues benefit from our incredible features : protection against chargebacks, reduced credit card fees, improved loyalty and of course, belong to the SIP network of venues that our consumers can visit.

What Our Team Says about our POS extension

Our team has been working for over a year on the Sip extension. They are excited to share the overwhelming potential of our app to bring data to the bar & restaurant industry.

The financial benefits for bars and their customers is only matched by the rich, actionable insights we capture on consumer behaviors
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Ayan Roy
Steve Jobs once said “For you to sleep well at night, the aesthetic, the quality, has to be carried all the way through.”
This is my motto.
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Full Stack Developer
"Technology should adapt to the user, not the other way around". That how we designed our POS extension for venues.
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