How to avoid chargebacks? Partner with SipScience

Chargebacks are the worst. They’re annoying to deal with, they can cost you a lot of money, and they put your reputation at risk. This is why it’s important for bar owners to take precautions against this type of fraud. One way you can avoid chargebacks is by partnering with SipScience. SipScience is a POS extension that works with Toast POS System, Clover POS System, Aloha, and Micros. With the Sip App, customers and open, close, and pay their tab. Once they close their tab, customers receive a notification with their invoice, as the payment of their tab has been handled automatically by SipScience.

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SipScience can help you avoid chargebacks and increase revenues

How to avoid chargebacks by installing our POS extension?

What is a chargeback?

A chargeback is when a customer disputes a charge on their account and the bank returns the funds to them. This can happen for many reasons, such as:
– The cardholder claims that they did not make this purchase
– A purchased item is not as described
– Fraudulent charges were made on the card
– The charge was already credited to the customer’s account and they want it removed. This is called a chargeback, which is why you’ll get an email from your bank saying that you have been charged by them for this transaction. Now, this is not inevitable, and there is one way to completely avoid chargebacks.

Chargebacks can be avoided if you follow these steps

– Make sure you’re using a secure POS system. We recommend Toast POS, Clover POS System, Aloha, or Micros.
Get the Sip POS extension and partner with SipScience to keep track of your customers’ tabs as they close them out at your bar. This way if there is an issue with their charge, SipScience will automatically handle it.

Partnering with SipScience will help avoid chargebacks and increases your revenue

SipScience is the best chargeback prevention solution for bars and restaurants. Many POS systems have a fraud feature built-in, but chargebacks can still happen because there is no automated way of handling chargebacks. SipScience automatically detects chargebacks and takes care of them for you so that your business isn’t affected by them anymore.

If your POS system doesn’t have a fraud prevention feature, chargebacks are still avoidable. The Sip POS extension allows you to keep track of your customers’ tabs as they close them out. If there is an issue with their charge, SipScience will handle it automatically.

SipScience’s built-in payment system can also increase your revenues in several ways, for free

  • First of all, credit cards fees are on us.
  • Secondly, SipScience’s chargeback prevention and chargeback management features will help boost your revenue by preventing chargebacks.
  • Third, our POS extension allows you to accept mobile payments, which is a great way of increasing sales because more people are using their phones instead of cash or cards.
  • Finally, our Sip app has a built-in automatic tip level that naturally increases the level of tips and the satisfaction of your staff.


The bottom line is that chargebacks are expensive. They can lower your revenue and hurt your reputation with customers, so it’s worth taking the time to explore how you might be able to prevent them in the first place. Partnering with SipScience will protect you against chargebacks, reduce all fees on cc processing, and provide automatic tab charges on all tabs opened through the Sip App.

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