sipscience waives credit cards fees and reduces pregaming

Bars: say goodbye to credit cards fees

Find out how we waive credit cards fees and bring business to restaurants and bars in the US

Credit cards fees are annoying and they can be expensive, especially for bars. A typical bar that has a monthly volume of $200.000 can pay up to $4.000 in credit cards fees (read study of reforming retail). Because these fees are so expensive, most bars don’t have as much budget as they want to promote themselves properly. This is a huge problem because a well-thought strategy and adequate budget can do a lot for the bar business.

What if you didn’t have to pay any credit card processing fee, and could attract more customers to your venue? That’s precisely what we’re helping you with at SipScience!

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sipscience waives credit cards fees and reduces pregaming

Goodbye credit cards fees 👋

Our SipScience POS integration is almost invisible and lets you say goodbye to credit cards fees. How does that work? Customers come to your venue and open a table or a tab through the Sip app. They order their food and drinks as they would normally (no in-app order). The waiter records the order on your POS (as they would normally do). Once your guests are done, they close their tab and SipScience automatically handles their payment.

Business as usual ✌️

Your staff works exactly the same way as they normally would, we do not require any additional device. We do not take any commission from your transactions either. For all tabs processed through SipScience, the credit cards fees are on us. Forever.

What’s in it for your customer? ⏳

How many times have you enjoyed great service in a restaurant, only to wait for your check for 5 – 10 minutes? It happens a lot. If you compound the number of times it happens, you lose several hours of table service in a busy evening. Each hour of unproductive table equals profits that you are not registering. It also affects the tips of your staff. (who wants to leave a 20% tip after waiting 10 minutes for their check?!).

With SipScience, we handle that problem. Customers can close their tab by themselves, the app automatically handles payments (and tips). As soon as your guests are done, your table is free.

Let’s end pregaming – together 🙏

Pregaming is a well-known phenomenon. It is a fact that many customers pregame, only to come to a location for a single drink. That habit is suboptimal, both for venues and for customers. Customers find drinks more and more expensive. As a result, they decide to pregame before going out. Consequently, venues find that people consume less and less, they need to stay profitable so they increase prices. The cycle continues.

Our goal is to end this cycle of madness.

How can we find a way for people to enjoy more drinks outside, and bars & restaurants to stay profitable? Hear us out. Sip users pay a subscription plan (which is divided and shared with participating venues). For example, to enjoy a fifty percent discount on 25 drinks, users join the monthly membership for $39.99 per month. That subscription gives them a limited number of credits, which allows them to get a 50% price reduction on beverages. Our data indicates that customers who pay for a Sip subscription stay longer, consume more, and increase the profits of venues. Want to try it? Sign up here.

Our secret 🤫

What’s our secret? We are passionate about technology and the hospitality industry. Our goal is to help venues get better data about their business, reduce costs and increase profits in a forever competitive market. Our dev team has integrated with most POS: Toast, Clover, Aloha, Micros, and many others. Your time is precious, that’s why we have managed to reduce a typical integration time to about 30 minutes. It is easy, cheap, and effective.

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