SipSync provides a never-before-seen picture of how consumers behave in venue

How It Works

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Consumers use the Sip App to get great

deals and never wait for their bills again. 

Venues use the Sip App to drive traffic from high value customers and tap into our multi-channel marketing tools.

SipScience consolidates

this real-time

purchasing data. 

Data is transformed into revolutionary insights tailored specifically for brands, retailers, and agencies via SipSync.

Alcohol brands, retailers, and agencies rely on limited, low-quality consumer data.

The top 150 alcohol brands have historically spent $451M+ each year on self-reported, inaccurate sources. This translates to poor ROI on over two billion dollars in annual advertising and marketing spent by the industry. 

SipSync offers powerful, revolutionary insights at scale. 

Sip tracks the behaviors of high-value customers over time and with higher consistency than any alternative in the market.


Boost consumer loyalty, drive

efficiency and volume. Engage your best consumers via mobile, desktop and in-venue.


Understand how

on-premise habits impact retail purchases and vice versa.


Replace surveys and expensive

focus groups w/real-time, longitudinal consumer insights

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