Clover POS and SipScience: A Match Made in Heaven

If you have equipped your bar with a Clover POS System and have been looking to improve your customer experience, SipScience has just the thing! CloverPOS is now supporting tabs through our SipScience App. This means that all you customers need to do is download the free Sip app from the App Store or Google Play store, find your bar or restaurant and open a tab! Now when customers place an order, nothing changes: your waiter is still in charge. The only difference is that your customers can now close their tab through the Sip mobile app. This allows freeing a table faster for your next customers.

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Toast POS system extension with SipScience: what are the benefits?

Our TOAST POS system extension will save time, money and free space for your next customers

How our SIP integration works with the Clover POS System

In general, our SIP integration with the POS System is very straightforward and almost invisible. When your waiter input and order in your Clover POS system, our Sip Extension will automatically be notified of this transaction. The extension then sends a request to our system using the Clover POS API. We receive the order information and use it to charge the customer. We automatically give them a discount on their drink (providing they have enough credits), and alleviate your credit card fees.

Opening a tab from the Sip app, and how does your Clover POS system know about it

Customers can open a tab from the Sip app by selecting your venue on the app, then tapping the “open a tab” button. Your POS system automatically logs the tab under a “SIP employee”, that your waiter in charge can then take over.

What happens when your customer close their tab from the Sip App?

When your customer closes their Sip tab, the Clover POS system automatically closes it as well. The CloverPOS will communicate with the Sip merchant portal to charge your customer and deduce the credit card fees (those are on us!). SipScience will automatically dispute possible chargebacks, and if ultimately the bank refuses the dispute, we will cover the amount for you.

How to enable Sip Integration with your Clover POS system

To get started, simply go to our onboarding page and follow the instructions. This process will automatically take care of the paperwork for us, and create your merchant portal with Sip. As soon as it is done, our integration specialist will meet you for the final steps of the setup.

Curious about the benefits? Check out our pricing page, or see our article about why bar owners love us!

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