The Sip App gets you great deals on drinks at venues near you.

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What We Offer

The cost of drinks has increased 57% in the last two decades, prompting “pre-gaming” at home, deal-hunting at venues, and significant changes in consumer behavior. In short, consumers are fed up with the high cost of drinks at bars and restaurants.

Meet the SIP App

Our monthly plans offer great deals, tips on the best places near you, contactless payment, and monthly spend monitoring so you can see how much you have saved. 

buying process

Yes, you don’t need to subscribe to any plan to use the SIP app : you can open and close your tabs, and pay at participating venues without any subscription. If you want to take advantage of our credit system to get 50% off drinks, you can decide to subscribe anytime.

To view the participating venues, please install the SIP app and check what venues are available in your area.

When your waiter comes to greet you, please let them know that you already have a tab open under your name.

Just hit the close button in the app whenever you are ready to go.

The credits can be used on any drink that costs up to 18$.

If you want to open a tab at one of our participating venues, you will just need to save your credit card within the app. If you haven’t done so, it will prompt you to enter your credit card information when you try to open a tab.