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a revolutionary data analytics and marketing platform

delivering  never-before-seen consumer insights

SipScience provides a revolutionary picture about what happens inside bars & restaurants via our innovative solutions for consumers, venues, and brands. 

The Sip App is a unique, consumer-based app that offers users contactless payment, order tracking in real-time and a subscription model for half off on up to 50 drinks. The app drives local traffic to participating venues as a sustainable, long-term advertising tool, and venues keep 100% of the profits. SipScience takes real-time data on in-venue consumer behavior gathered from the app and consolidates it into never before seen insights for brands, retailers, and agencies.


Meet SipSync, a data analytics engine

powered by the Sip App.

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Pay less to know more.

We track real-time, out of home alcohol consumption, then transform these data points into powerful, actionable insights at scale. 


20% of adults consume 91% of alcohol. We hyper target these high-value customers. 


We replace outdated, unreliable metrics with real-time information on what’s being purchased in venues and by whom.

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We leverage our real-time data to power sales lift studies, syndicated reports, and programmatic ad targeting for clients.


The Results Are In.

Beta Test confirms success of SipScience's revolutionary new marketing platform for bars and restaurants.

At the very center of the alcohol industry is an elite segment of drinkers: social, 

financially savvy trendsetters who spend their nights and weekends in bars and restaurants. Their consumer profiles and purchasing habits have long been the holy grail of big alcohol brands: critical for marketing research, but totally inaccessible—until now.

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