The Sip App is a consumer-based app that offers

discounts on alcohol and a seamless ordering experience

at select bars and restaurants.

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Find a venue.

Open a tab.

No wallet required.

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Order drinks from your server.

Close your tab via the app. 

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For every 20 drinks purchased, subscribing Sip App users experience,

on average, a $60.00 savings.

Are you looking for great deals on drinks near you? Head over to and sign up today! 

Are you a venue looking to learn more about how the Sip App can work for you? Check out Sip for Venues or contact us today. 

The Sip App gets users the deals they crave. 

The cost of drinks has increased 57% in the last two decades, prompting "pre-gaming" at home and deal-hunting

at venues. Consumers are searching for easy-to-navigate ways to get the most for their dollars out, and the Sip App delivers while helping drive local traffic to venues. ​​SipScience is the only company with regulatory approval to charge for regular alcohol discounts nationwide.

The Sip App offers users:

  • a subscription model for half off on up to 50 drinks 

  • order tracking in real-time

  • frictionless, contactless payment

  • closing and opening tabs

  • spend tracking

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The Results Are In.

Beta Test confirms success of SipScience's revolutionary new marketing platform for bars and venues.

At the very center of the alcohol industry is an elite segment of drinkers: social, 

financially savvy trendsetters who spend their nights and weekends in bars and restaurants. Their consumer profiles and purchasing habits have long been the holy grail of big alcohol brands: critical for marketing research, but totally inaccessible—until now.