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more customers. 

more revenue. 

less spend. 

less hassle. 

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We drive revenue and foot traffic at no upfront cost.

Sip Venues receive: 

  • VIP Access to high-value customers who consistently spend a high dollar amount (and bring friends!) 

  • New loyal customers as a result of our membership model

  • Increased revenue

  • Free marketing and advertising through our platform

  • Covering credit card processing fees so you can have more profits

  • Covering chargebacks so you aren’t on the hook for customer disputes

  • Force closing open tickets so you can close out your shift with pre-determined tipping

  • Providing monthly snapshots of bar activity so you can better manage your business

  • Default tipping to keep your bartenders happy

We cover the hassles for you. 

Drinks purchased through the Sip App have a 50-67% revenue yield per drink. That's 3x higher than Groupon.

The Sip App is a sustainable advertising tool, not a short term gimmick. Sip uses a targeted, multi-tier marketing plan to bring high-value customers to your venue. We run multi-platform digital marketing campaigns in your city and focus on long-term app subscribers, not one-time discount seekers. We partner with social media influencers that drive their followers to Sip, and hold exclusive events for the Sip Community, like "Sip Nights Out".

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An unprecedented tool for driving traffic to

your business.

If you want to drive guest loyalty, increase your foot traffic, grow your incremental income, and have have no out of pocket costs to do all three, learn more today about becoming a Sip Venue. 

Don't take our word for it. See for yourself.

We have your back for when you're back in business. 

Don't miss our latest white paper on understanding consumer behaviors in the COVID-19 Era. 

The COVID-19 crisis has radically altered the landscape of the food and beverage industry; some bars and restaurants have permanently closed their doors, and others have shifted to online sales, curbside pickup, and delivery. What will be the long-term, lasting effects of these shifts? How has consumer behavior changed, and are these changes here to stay? 


Find out four main survey insights that will help your business thrive in the era of COVID-19 and it's aftermath.