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Restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues face razor-thin margins and rising costs due to industry changes and advances in technology. Attracting local traffic, driving new customers, and increasing customer loyalty are more important than ever. 

Our consumer-based app is an unprecedented tool for driving traffic to your business. 

More customers. More revenue. Less Spend. Less Hassle. 

We have your back for when you're back in business. 

Don't miss our latest white paper on understanding consumer behaviors in the COVID-19 Era. 

The COVID-19 crisis has radically altered the landscape of the food and beverage industry; some bars and restaurants have permanently closed their doors, and others have shifted to online sales, curbside pickup, and delivery. What will be the long-term, lasting effects of these shifts? How has consumer behavior changed, and are these changes here to stay? 


Find out four main survey insights that will help your business thrive in the era of COVID-19 and it's aftermath. 


The Results Are In.

Beta Test confirms success of SipScience's revolutionary new marketing platform for bars and venues.

At the very center of the alcohol industry is an elite segment of drinkers: social, 

financially savvy trendsetters who spend their nights and weekends in bars and restaurants. Their consumer profiles and purchasing habits have long been the holy grail of big alcohol brands: critical for marketing research, but totally inaccessible—until now.

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